Marine Navigation Services

Nautical charts, real-time data, marine debris, recreational boating, tides and currents, and economic resources….all are tangible, dynamic, and interconnected components of the Maritime industry ensuring that cargo moves safely and efficiently along the marine highways.  When you think about it, in just those aspects alone, there are a plethora of job and career opportunities such as a Marine Service Tech, Marine Navigation Field Specialist, Geophysical Data Processor, Rigger, and Marine Archeologist.

The associations listed below represent organizations made up of people (members) who work and promote advancement in the field.  Associations provide opportunities to network, develop professional relationships, learn more about a field’s trends and directions, and many even provide job postings.

If you think you are interested in a career in Marine Navigation Services, there are programs at technical, community, and public and private colleges to help you prepare for this line of work.  Use the College Search Tool to begin your discovery.  Enter the keyword ‘maritime’ into the search field.