Blood Bank Technology Specialist Major

This major is a program that prepares individuals to perform routine and specialized blood testing procedures, collect and process blood donations, and support physicians and other clinicians administering transfusion therapy.

Includes instruction in basic cellular biology, immunohematology, blood bank procedures, blood typing, antigen and antibody identification tests, hemolytic and transfusion responses and diseases, donor selection, blood drawing and storage, blood separation, viral marker testing, laboratory and personnel supervision, safety and sterilization, and applicable laws and regulations.

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What can you do with a major/degree in Blood Bank Technology Specialist Major?

As a Blood Bank Technology Specialist, it is your job to collect, test and analyze blood from donors, making sure the blood is safe for patients who need a blood transfusion.  You make certain the blood is free of disease and other contaminants as well as determine the blood type and ensure that the blood samples are labeled properly.


Job opportunities for blood bank technology specialists are very strong in the future as this career subsector is expected to see a thirteen percent (13%) growth 2016-2026.


Blood bank technology specialists typically need at least a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, math, or biology.  After which, they embark on a program in blood banking technology which leads to a title of specialist. (SBB)  Certification through this process is required.


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