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Choosing Your College Major

You may use this site without charge to assist you through the process of choosing your college major. This site provides you with a list of many majors, some of their background classes, and some occupational opportunities.

We recommend that from the attached list of majors you select the three to five majors that interest you most. The information about the majors is not intended to be comprehensive, but is only to help you narrow down your college major choices so you can go to other sources for more information.

For more information you can go to: college catalogs, college/high school career centers, people working in those occupations, students in those majors, college department personnel, and employers. If you need to, come back to this site and repeat the process until you feel more confident with your college major choice.

The History of Our Product

Wm. Dale Goodson, the author, is a retired university professor of career education with more than thirty years experience helping students to choose their college majors. He developed this system called "College Major Card Sort" © 1978,1980, and 2000. The original form of the product is a set of over a hundred 3x5 cards with a major and related information on each card. Students would sort out the majors they most preferred and in a very short time would establish a place to begin their college major search.

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